May 7 2021 10:15 AM

Ryan ‘Cal’ Callaghan signs on as exclusive presenting sponsor of popular podcast.

Stihl Inc., Virginia Beach, Virginia, has joined forces with leading outdoor lifestyle brand, MeatEater, in sponsoring its podcast Cal’s Week in Review. Hosted by Ryan ‘Cal’ Callaghan, the podcast reports more than two million downloads annually delivering outdoor news focused on outdoor recreation, land use, wildlife and conservation. Callaghan discusses current events and topics ranging from hunting to environmentalism.

As MeatEater’s director of conservation, Callaghan is a passionate member of the outdoor community and a dedicated environmentalist, values that align well with the Stihl vision of making it easier to work in and with nature, according to the company.

“We know that many of our customers are ardent outdoor enthusiasts and loyal listeners to the podcast,” says Roger Phelps, corporate communications manager for Stihl Inc. “And Cal’s dedication and advocacy in support of public lands and sustainability is a great fit for us as well. Sustainability is part of a long tradition at Stihl and is a part of every area of operations, including products, processes, programs and partnerships.As part of the company’s climate strategy, we have set ourselves the target of achieving long-term carbon neutrality for the entire Stihl group.”

A life-long outdoorsman and self-proclaimed “Stihl fan,” Callaghan is equally excited about working with the outdoor power equipment brand.

“That iconic orange Stihl sign is a part of almost every small town I hunt and fish out of in the West,” says Callaghan. “I couldn’t be more proud and excited to work with a brand that takes care of its customers and dealers the way Stihl does with quality, long lasting equipment.”

The Week in Review podcast is one of many of Callaghan’s projects, which also includes a YouTube series which debuted its second season earlier this year.