May 7 2021 10:16 AM

A new social media customer community was also launched.

Titan Brands, Memphis, Tennessee, announced a refresh of the Titan Attachments brand identity, including a new logo and redesigned website. Titan Attachments specializes in tractor, skid steer and 3-point attachments such as pallet forks, grapples, rakes and buckets. The update visually connects Titan Attachments to the Titan Brands family as well as improves the customer’s online shopping experience.

“Our logo was updated to better reflect the quality and durability of Titan Attachments,” says Austin Speck, Titan Brands CEO.

Titan Attachments also launched an updated website featuring real-world graphics that visually depict how attachments function with different equipment. From easy-to-navigate pages to a simplified check-out, the redesign provides a seamless experience that makes it easier for customers to select the right attachment for the job.

“We know our customers are busy,” says Speck. “They need convenient access to reliable, hard-working attachments shipped directly to their door without the hassle of price comparing or traveling to pick up the product. Titan Attachments allows them to spend less time researching and shopping so they can focus on what matters most — getting their job done.”

As part of the rebranding, Titan Attachments also recently launched a private Facebook group for customers to share how they use the attachments in their daily lives.

“Our customers are hard workers who take pride in what they do and the equipment they use,” says Speck. “Whether they use the attachments to clear land, work around their farm, care for lawns or transport materials, our customers can share their product experiences, celebrate accomplishments, or ask our product engineers questions. This community has already demonstrated getting the right tools in the right hands can change the world.”