June 7 2021 08:34 AM

The Soil Moisture-Based Irrigation Controller label is agency’s newest certification.

HydroPoint, Petaluma, California, announced that its Baseline brand has earned the Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense label in the new category, Soil Moisture-Based Irrigation Controller, becoming the first irrigation controller manufacturer to achieve this certification.

To attain the EPA WaterSense label, the input from soil-moisture sensors must be able to consistently prevent or allow irrigation at a preset threshold. Manufacturers that produce soil-moisture based irrigation controllers meeting EPA’s efficiency and performance criteria can earn the WaterSense label. Baseline moisture sensors passed 100% of all moisture sensor tests, including all mandatory and supplemental capability requirements.

“We are excited to be the first manufacturer to earn this certification,” says Peter Carlson, chief technology officer at HydroPoint. “After being the first organization to pass the Irrigation Association’s Smart Water Application Technologies protocol with a 100% perfect score back in 2006, HydroPoint continues to stay ahead of the curve with technology and innovation in the irrigation industry.”

Baseline’s soil moisture sensors use Time Domain Transmissometry technology to measure volumetric changes to within 0.01% in the soil profile. It is currently the only irrigation controller manufacturer to be EPA certified for both soil moisture sensing automation and weather-based automation.