July 12 2021 08:43 AM

Jon Peters brings more than 30 years of sales and business development experience.

Masuen Consulting LLC, Newport, Washington, added Jon Peters to its team as the director of sales and marketing. Peters joins with more than 30 years of sales and business development experience in agriculture, soil moisture sensing and irrigation central controls.

Peters will be overseeing sales at all Masuen locations. He will be developing and implementing corporate marketing strategies, translating the company’s business objectives into marketing initiatives that drive growth and support the company’s range of irrigation and water related services.

After 16 years as an agricultural crop consultant, managing several locations in the Pacific Northwest for Cenex Harvest States, Peters Joined Baseline Inc. of Boise, Idaho, where he led the sales and marketing efforts from 2004 through 2018.

“When I first met Jon, he was a one-man sales and marketing department for a small manufacturing company,” says Mitch Walker, founder and president of Masuen Consulting. “He was trying to get me to use their soil moisture sensors. It turned out we had a lot to talk about because he had years of experience as a crop consultant in the area where I owned and operated a hay and cattle ranch. Over the years I watched as the small company he joined grew rapidly under his leadership. I particularly admired his honesty and principled values, which aligned well with Masuen Consulting’s. I did start using the soil moisture sensors at some point and still do today. I am excited to have his experience and leadership on our team here at Masuen.”