Aug. 16 2021 09:33 AM

The former vice president of sales passed away July 29.

Chuck Huston, the former vice president of sales at Hunter Industries, San Marcos, California, from 1983 to 2004, passed away on July 29, 2021. Huston leaves behind a profound legacy of excellence that Hunter Industries continues to build upon to guide the growth of its business.

Dick Hunter, co-founder and former CEO of Hunter Industries, hired Huston to join the organization in its earliest days, when the company entered the market with the PGP Rotor.

“He came here and started building,” Hunter says. “Chuck worked with me through the worst of times, Rain Cat, and the best of times, Hunter Industries. For 25 years, Chuck was my best friend.”

Huston’s efforts helped the company evolve from industry newcomer to a solutions provider for irrigation professionals in more than 120 countries. In all that he did, Huston always put people first. From national distributor meetings and trade shows to intimate dinner events and one-on-one phone calls, he was instrumental in establishing Hunter as more than a manufacturer.

He built the company into a trusted partner for customers of all walks of life, from day laborers to the owners of the company’s largest distributors. He strived to elevate every interaction from transactional to meaningful.

“Chuck had a personality that made it very easy for him to open doors,” Hunter says. “He was very focused on the customer, no matter what.”

Ann Hunter-Welborn, co-founder of Hunter Industries, remembers Huston as a hard worker with consistent values, a wonderful sense of humor and a natural ability to drive conversation.

“We could talk about anything – the books we were reading, last night’s dinner, yesterday’s customers, politics, our kids,” she says. “Whenever he was there, I knew I had a friend. I miss him deeply.”

Greg Hunter, current CEO of Hunter Industries, emphasized Huston’s lasting impact on the company and the industry at large.

“Chuck’s deep sense of professionalism and fierce dedication to our customers set Hunter Industries on the path to success,” Greg Hunter says. “He is a part of our DNA, and we owe much of our market success to the impact Chuck had on the organization.”