Aug. 23 2021 11:07 AM

Voters also selected the Kimono Hydrangea as the People’s Choice winner.

As part of the Retailers’ Choice Awards, a jury of volunteer garden retailers roamed the floor and highlighted seven different products that particularly piqued their interest at the 2021 Farwest Show in Portland, Oregon.

The awards as chosen by these judges were presented Aug. 19 at the show in a presentation emceed by Christina Salwitz, the personal garden coach. Both live goods and hard goods were eligible.

The awards winners were as follows:

  • Biological Controls offered by Biobest USA
  • SeaCoast Compost Biodynamic compost and potting soils produced by SeaCoast Compost
  • Biodynamic plants available from Suncrest Nurseries
  • C Bite Clips available from Thriving Design
  • Gard-N-Hook available from Zaydoe Creative
  • Kent’s Big Dig shovel available from Gerard’s Nursery
  • Protective Sleeves available from Farmers Defense

Kimono Hydrangea, hybridized in the Netherlands by Kolster BV and introduced by Curoplant Co., was chosen by voting attendees as the People’s Choice winner in the 2021 Farwest Show’s New Varieties Showcase. Kimono was one of 74 new selections on display.

“Voter interest in the new selections was strong, as it always is,” says Allan Niemi, director of events for the Oregon Association of Nurseries, which produces the show. “People were excited to see what’s new on the market and can give them better performance or new design options.”

Kimono Hydrangea offers a unique combination of heavy reblooming, compact size, dark foliage and flower coloration. It has blooms of white and pink florets with red margins sitting atop dark green foliage, all wrapped into a compact package, suitable for the modern outdoor space. It prefers part sun and is suitable for Zones 5 to 8. It is available from Farwest Show exhibitors Van Belle Nursery, Walla Walla Nursery Co. and GardenScape Nursery Inc.

In addition of the People’s Choice award, the runners-up in the voting received Awards of Merit as follows:

  • ColorBlaze El Brighto Coleus introduced by Proven Winners North America LLC.
  • Cascade Sunburst Huckleberry discovered by Briggs Nursery in Elma, Washington, and introduced by Briggs.
  • Serendipity Ornamental Onion, discovered by Eric Sal at Walters Gardens Inc. in Zeeland, Michigan and introduced by Walla Walla Nursery Co. and Proven Winners.

All of the New Varieties Showcase selections are viewable on the Farwest Show website.