Aug. 29 2021 08:55 PM

Certification testing will be available after a week of expert-taught irrigation courses.

The Irrigation Association, Fairfax, Virginia, offers a new opportunity for landscape irrigation technicians to take review courses and become certified in one week through its Technician Week, held virtually Sept. 13-16. A certified irrigation technician exam will be offered in person in Fairfax, Virginia on Sept. 17. The four courses serve as a review in advance of the Friday exam. The courses, taught by experienced Irrigation Association instructors via Zoom, include the following:

  • Irrigation components for residential/small commercial systems
  • Electrical troubleshooting: diagnosing field wiring problems
  • Hydraulic troubleshooting
  • Landscape irrigation technician

In addition to the certified irrigation technician exam, all IA certification exams will be offered Sept. 17. Pencil and paper tests will be offered in person at the IA headquarters in Fairfax, and computer-based tests are available at testing centers across North America and internationally throughout the year.

Registration is open and available on the Irrigation Association website.

Technician Week is sponsored by BrightView.