Oct. 18 2021 08:05 AM

“Together we build,” represents a strategic step in the company’s transformation.

Yanmar Compact Equipment, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, has revealed its new brand tagline: “Together We Build.”

The launch of this new tagline is the culmination of extensive global research and consultation with staff, dealer partners and customers. It also represents an important strategic step in Yanmar CE’s transformation journey.

“Our aim, together with our dealer partners, is to build stronger relationships and create even greater customer value,” says CEO Giuliano Parodi. “‘Together We Build’ really underlines our commitment to transforming Yanmar CE and with the help of our dealers, to focus on creating a new and exciting experience for our customers. Our transformation will embrace not only our products with new and alternative fuel technologies, but our entire business with value creation at its heart.”

While the words “Together We Build” may be a new expression, the thinking behind them is fundamental to Yanmar CE and its customers.

“Together We Build is what we and our dealer partners have always tried to do with our customers,” explains Elsie De Nys, global director channel and brand development. “Their success has always been our success. We have always tried to help them build their businesses, whilst at the same time building our own. The difference now is that the positive advances we are making across our business have given us the confidence to go out to our customers and say this is what we stand for.