Nov. 1 2021 09:46 AM

The product was one of the top three choices for best in show.

Romeoville, Illinois-based Magid’s Cool Powered by Mission cooling neck gaiter and face cover stood out at the 2021 National Safety Council Congress & Expo. Attendees were asked to vote either before or during the event for the best new product of 2021 and winners were announced before the keynote address on October 12 in Orlando, Florida.

The product line includes cooling bandanas, cooling neck gaiters, cooling towels and cooling skull caps all designed to combat industrial heat illness in the workplace and the financial ramifications it has on businesses worldwide. The proprietary fabrics provide reusable, chemical-free cooling, which cools the fabric up to 30 degrees below the average body temperature in less than 60 seconds and stays cool for up to two hours providing long-lasting relief.

“We’re so glad the expo was able to safely go live this year since the activation of these products is a fantastic in-person experience!” says Brittany Cohen, product marketing manager at Magid. “Although any temperature water will work, we like to demonstrate them using very hot water so safety professionals can see how powerful the technology is. The products really do get cold in under a minute, stay cold, and can be activated again and again on the job. It’s an effective body cooling solution that’s portable and washable for use month after month in the heat.”

Magid is one of the three founders of the National Heat Safety Coalition, a group that includes Mission and The Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut.