Nov. 5 2021 08:28 AM

The codes lead to interactive parts manuals and operations manuals.

Fecon LLC, Lebanon, Ohio, has started imprinting each piece of equipment with a QR code unique to that particular item, allowing customers one-click access to parts and instructions for that specific equipment. Scanning the QR code takes customers to Fecon Connect, which displays their interactive parts manual and operations manual. The interactive parts manual displays component groups and allows users to search for parts from exploded views and then click on the appropriate part. Users can also find the component from a parts listing if they already know what they are searching for. An operations manual guides users through all aspects of running the equipment, including instructions on how to replace teeth or check belt tension. Located on the nameplate along with model number and serial number, unique QR codes are now being implemented on all Fecon equipment to further enhance the ownership experience.

“We want to make is easy for customers to quickly find the parts that they need, and with one-click convenience this QR code does just that,” says Mike Kucharski, vice president of dealer development. “Customers can access the interactive parts manual showing only the parts used on their machinery, so there is no more sifting through extraneous information. This is just one of the digital tools that Fecon offers to provide a great ownership experience.”