Nov. 10 2021 11:39 AM

Look to the future for irrigation and landscape lighting industry coverage.

Recognizing contractors and the daily grind has been a guiding star for our editorial coverage.

I was recently looking through some past issues of Irrigation & Green Industry and realized that it’s been almost exactly two years since I took the editor’s chair here. It seems impossible that it’s only been that short of a time, but the last year or so has felt somewhat, let’s say, distorted for multiple reasons.

Looking back at that time, I was thrilled to finally get back into the landscaping and irrigation industry after a short time away. The green industry is actually where I started my writing career, and I was surprised by how much I missed it when I went elsewhere. Within just a handful of weeks of starting with the Irrigation Association, I found myself back at GIE+EXPO for the first time in a few years. It was great to see familiar faces and catch up, a feeling I’ve had again more recently after our first in-person conference since the pandemic.

If you saw me at GIE+EXPO this year, I had a little bit of a different story to tell than that previous time, though. If you haven’t heard already, I’m excited to let you know that we’re launching a brand-new quarterly publication, Irrigation & Lighting. It’s a magazine that will be tightly focused on the irrigation industry, a core competency of the Irrigation Association. We’ll also be covering the lighting industry, closely related due to its use of low voltage wiring.

I’m looking forward to bringing together great articles built around industry experts and case studies, meant to improve your projects and build your business. Even if irrigation or landscape lighting isn’t your primary service, I want this publication to help hone your skills and open up new opportunities for you and your team. Irrigation & Lighting will be a resource for anyone connected to these sections of the industry. Keep an eye out for our first print edition next February, and connect with us by visiting our new website at

That good news means some bittersweet news for Irrigation & Green Industry, as this print edition will mark the end of this title’s run. Looking back to that first editor’s note I wrote when I started in this position, my goals were to build on this magazine’s long history of excellence and to celebrate the hard day-to-day work done by contractors. During the past two years, recognizing contractors and the daily grind has been a guiding star for our editorial coverage. Now, I’m looking forward to celebrating what comes next. I hope you join us there.