Central Turf & Irrigation Supply, a distributor of smart irrigation products and landscaping solutions, and longtime partner Hunter Industries are working together to develop more participation in the Irrigation Association’s 2013 Smart Irrigation Month Competition.

Central serves thousands of irrigation professionals in the United States and Canada, and will leverage its customer base to promote the importance using water-saving products. “Last year, we promoted an EPA WaterSense Partner Program membership drive, and got great feedback from our customers,” said Bernardo Luciano, president and CEO of Central Turf & Irrigation Supply. “This year, we want to directly influence the products our customers use by giving them incentives to be responsible water stewards.”

The company intends to use its expansive influence to help fight against water waste. “The future of our nation’s water supply is at stake and we feel it’s part of our mission to help educate irrigation professionals on the new technology available, so they will be able to offer their customers solid water management and a solution to excess water usage,” said Anthony Luciano, senior VP of the company.

Central Turf & Irrigation Supply will host several Hunter Industries smart irrigation product promotions across the month of July.