Two crooks sneaked through a side fence and stole a truck and a trailer loaded with landscape equipment valued at around $100,000 at Atlas Outdoor’s property in Burton, Michigan. According to authorities, once the burglars managed to get the vehicle started, they immediately fled from the scene with the trailer in tow.

Initially, surveillance cameras showed the thieves stealing handheld equipment from the back of one of the company’s Ford pickup trucks. But after breaking the truck’s window with a brick, the two thieves started the vehicle and drove right off the lot.

The morning after the burglary, police called to inform the company’s owner, Sam Gembel, that the truck and trailer had been found abandoned and burned on the side of the road. The equipment, according to police, was nowhere to be found.

“When something like this happens, it hits home for all the guys, because we're like one big family here. It’s absolutely devastating,” said Gembel.