With all the issues associated with the price of gas and the use of fossil fuels, researchers at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, have come up with a green way to address both concerns—using the power of grass. Their invention, the EcoMow, uses a vortex dryer to dehydrate the grass it cuts. It then heats and pressurizes the grass, turning it into pellets that, in turn, create fuel for the motor.

Out to attract investors to the project, Jason Force, chief designer, says the technology can be applied to multiple industries, especially the landscape industry. He wants to have a contractor-grade version of the mower on the market by the end of next summer.

It comes at a time when gas prices put a major dent in contractor earnings. Sean Cummings, who has mowed lawns in New York for 25 years, says it costs three times as much to mow a lawn as when he first started. According to him, the modern landscape business is completely dependent on mower fuel costs.