May 9 2019
It’s not just the folks in Flint, Michigan — people in nearly every U.S. state are being exposed to unhealthy drinking water, according to a story aired by CBS News. That story says a new report i
May 9 2019
If you have a conservation easement on your property, don’t mess with anything on it — someone is bound to notice. A Sonoma county couple found that out the hard way, according to a st
April 22 2019
It’s not a story from the new “Twilight Zone” series, but aliens are involved. “Alien” is the term some researchers use to describe invasive species, and according to a story in the Charlest
April 18 2019
The New York City Council has passed the Climate Mobilization Act, part of a suite of measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The new law will require all newly constructed buildings
April 11 2019
Pentair, the Minneapolis-based pump manufacturer, has received the 2019 Energy Star Partner of the Year/Sustained Excellence Award for its continued leadership and superior contributions to th
April 2 2019
It wasn’t extraterrestrials that created the mess, just old dry cleaning businesses. The toxic chemicals they left behind long after closing up shop caused a big swath of Roswell, New Mexico to be d
April 2 2019
Yale UniversityOne Ivy League university is going to the head of the sustainability class, at least as far as watering its ivy (and other plants) goes. According to a story in Yale News, Joe Signore
March 19 2019
A researcher at Oregon State University, Cascades has been awarded $2.97 million by the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a new technology to treat the wastewater from hydraulic fracturing and impr
Feb. 28 2019
The City of Savannah, Georgia is getting some new trees, and along with it, some new green industry professionals, according to a story by Kelsey Sanchez that was published on the District websi
Feb. 20 2019
Trees removed to make way for a construction project are being replaced, thanks to a group of enterprising elementary school kids. According to a story by Ashley Ford published in the Waxah
Feb. 20 2019
Walking the aisles of your local grocery or retail store, you’ve undoubtedly seen buzzwords like sustainable, green and organic on the packaging of all sorts of products
Jan. 31 2019
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants to clean up the Everglades. According to a story published by the Orlando Political Observer, the governor’s environmental budget recommends more tha
Jan. 10 2019
The magnificent Monarch butterfly may become just a memory soon. A story on Eco Watch reports that the population of monarch butterflies that winter along the California coast dropped 86 percent since
Dec. 27 2018
Shutterstock EPA announces $40 million in funding to reduce diesel emissions The grant funding is prioritized for areas facing air quality challenges. The U.S. Environmental Protection Ag
Dec. 18 2018
Shutterstock The city of Rockdale, Texas has had a “red scare” going on for years. But this one has nothing to do with politics, the Cold War, or anything like that. Rockdale’s red scare
Dec. 11 2018
ShutterstockA stormwater agency in one Illinois county has chosen a unique method of teaching residents about stormwater best management practices. It’s doing it through geocaching, according a stor
Nov. 7 2018
The campus at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is filled with flowerbeds, shaded walkways, turf areas, and more than 6,000 trees, and this fall semester, students have returned to
Nov. 1 2018
Is it possible to clean the polluted runoff from urban streets that befouls groundwater and pressures sewage systems — and do it without using any electrical power or adding any chemicals? The
Oct. 19 2018
What is biodiesel, exactly, and where can I get it? Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement, the first commercial-scale fuel that meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s definition as an advanced biofuel
Aug. 31 2018
Shutterstock Stormwater pollution is a water-quality issue that affects the green industry. The herbicides and pesticides we apply to lawns and landscapes runs off after storms (or, a