Jan. 28 2019
Acquired territory responsibility coincides with H.G. Makelim CEO retirement.
Nov. 12 2018
A petition has secured 116 signatures and counting.
Nov. 3 2018
Campaign is a response to the expansion of higher ethanol fuel blends.
Nov. 2 2018
Wall Street Journal op-ed piece calls leaf blowers “loud, ugly and dangerous.”
Oct. 16 2018
Father who tried to assault son with chain saw suffers amputation followed by arrest.
Oct. 15 2018
Company plans to redevelop the abandoned manufacturing site.
Oct. 9 2018
Its LXT Sub-Compact line of cordless tools was named “Overall Winner.”
Oct. 1 2018
Brandon Martin will help expand the association’s battery and electric product expertise.
Sept. 20 2018
Overall registration tracking at 12 percent ahead of last year.
Sept. 18 2018
Option to acquire remaining assets of outdoor equipment company available in 2021.
Aug. 31 2018
Select models will be equipped with Michelin X Tweel Turf 18-inch drive wheels.
Aug. 10 2018
The commitments focus on five key areas, including safety
July 20 2018
Members of closed Facebook group hope information exchange will catch thieves.
July 13 2018
New facility expected to create 350 new jobs.
July 13 2018
Protestors waved signs outside city hall in advance of a city council meeting prior to the vote.
July 11 2018
Greenville, Tennessee-based facility will host an event Aug. 3 to celebrate.