March 8 2019
The machine was being used to clear snow from a pedestrian bridge in New Jersey.
March 1 2019
David Holston says he plans to donate $7,000 to his local church and other organizations.
March 1 2019
He says the money he’s earning through his business is going toward his college education.
Feb. 7 2019
Daniel Smith from Victoria, B.C., made the viral video during last week's polar vortex.
Jan. 21 2019
The city received over a dozen damage reports in 2018.
Jan. 21 2019
Tracey Fischer-Gaetz will oversee all sales-related activities within the brand.
Jan. 2 2019
Lack of snow and rising salt prices are hurting some business.
Dec. 26 2018
Concept was first introduced in January 2018.
Dec. 24 2018
It is also guaranteeing 10 hours of pay every two weeks.
Nov. 26 2018
Joel Doherty calls it “Pay it Forward Snow Removal.”
Nov. 11 2018
SnowCare for Troops volunteers help families by providing snow removal services.
Oct. 29 2018
The company’s riding snow removal machines allow you to ride them.