June 23 2021
Stand out from the “other guys” and meaningfully differentiate your company from all the rest.
June 11 2021
Here are some tips that can help you stay organized and prepared.
April 16 2021
Your company’s success and your reputation may depend on how your employees behave in the field.
April 1 2021
Like the ninja hitting the target with a throwing star, we must be able to hit our targets with the right beam spread, wattage and Kelvin temperature.
March 26 2021
When you take photos of your work, you create a resource to help you sell the next job.
Feb. 18 2021
Your best investment for increasing company profitability is to just stop and think.
Feb. 16 2021
In 2020, more contractors upped their game and focused on designing instead of just installing.
Jan. 29 2021
If you use these tips in the off-season, the work you do now will pay off in the year to come.
Jan. 22 2021
Performing routine maintenance on equipment and keeping inventory in check is just as important as maintaining a previously installed lighting job.
Nov. 30 2020
It’s time to get excited again, to lay your tracks to the future.
Nov. 23 2020
Safety and security are two top reasons a landscape lighting system should be installed.
Oct. 23 2020
If you think about it, many existing customers might be interested in some type of upgrade.
Oct. 22 2020
Consider your website as your 24/7 salesperson on the internet who must deliver the latest information to potential customers.
Sept. 30 2020
Your first job as boss is continued employee motivation and connection.
Sept. 18 2020
It’s critical to get the job right because it’s your reputation on the line.
Aug. 28 2020
Meet the inventor of the 12v lighting system.
Aug. 10 2020
Customer convenience is just one reason to create a Google My Business listing.
July 24 2020
We do know 2020 will be a year unlike any other, and it’s our job as business managers to navigate the unknowns ahead.
July 17 2020
Nightingale developed fixtures that could be hidden in plain sight, a trait of a very skilled magician.