Dec. 2 2019
The non-native species threaten the state’s agricultural crops and trees.
Dec. 2 2019
Ridgefield has spent $140,000 since July removing the diseased trees.
Dec. 2 2019
The invasive species kills grass and plays havoc with electrical equipment.
Oct. 29 2019
He’ll be responsible for product sales to golf course and turfgrass management customers in the Chicago area.
Sept. 26 2019
Delaware is trying to put the boot to a spotted lanternfly invasion.
Aug. 27 2019
The canines are much better at finding the unwanted flora and fauna than humans are, and at an earlier stage of life.
Aug. 26 2019
A turf and ornamental chemical firm manager shares how target identification and precise application is the key to success with chemical inputs.
Aug. 23 2019
Volume-based discounts are available for August and September purchases.
Aug. 23 2019
Cities in Texas and Florida dominated the list.
Aug. 20 2019
A bacterial infection is killing off the state’s iconic trees, and a hurricane may have helped its spread.
Aug. 15 2019
The newest invasive pest to jump ship from Asia is being found in landscapes all over Illinois, startling landscapers and worrying soil scientists.
Aug. 13 2019
It has lush purple blooms, but its effect on fish and other aquatic life is anything but beautiful.
Aug. 13 2019
She will help the company find solutions for fighting invasive pests and diseases.
Aug. 12 2019
This is the first reported case of mosquito borne illness in the state since 2013.
Aug. 8 2019
Scientists are fighting one invasive insect with another invasive insect.
July 30 2019
Smart landscape design and consistent maintenance will go a long way toward helping your clients fight the biters.
July 30 2019
The desert resort town is suddenly swarming with migrating grasshoppers.
July 29 2019
Professional Pest Managers School is Sept. 11 and Advanced Tree Climbing School is Sept. 25.
July 22 2019
Weed prevention can seem like a losing battle, but with the right tools and strategies, we can increase our odds against these nasty little invaders.
July 8 2019
Council members acknowledge weed control challenges but cite environmental and human impact benefits.