Dec. 13 2018
Four community water systems have reported lead lines, while 31 others have lead fittings.
Nov. 27 2018
Proposed rule would require electronic advertisements to be posted on the internet for at least 14 days.
Oct. 26 2018
Legislation includes WaterSense program authorization.
Oct. 15 2018
Landscape companies say they are losing contracts over the labor shortage.
Oct. 12 2018
Water infrastructure package to restore Everglades heads to the president’s desk with bipartisan support.
Sept. 19 2018
Program includes compliance assistance tools and investigating their usage.
Sept. 17 2018
Bill would permanently authorize the EPA’s WaterSense program.
Sept. 6 2018
A couple ordered a swimming pool, but instead got stuck with a $90,000 dirt pit. It’s just one of many stories about an alleged crooked contractor.
Sept. 4 2018
Judge says man was running “basically a pyramid scheme.”
July 31 2018
Climate change is a factor, say the labor and environmental groups pushing for federal standards.
July 23 2018
North Hempstead officials say battery-powered equipment continues to advance.
July 1 2018
Mayor cites research showing tiny particulates from leaf blowing can cause health issues.