Jan. 1 2003
In this two-part series, we’ve been taking the mystery out of designing functional and efficient irrigation systems. It’s boiled down to understanding pressure and flow, and how they affect
Dec. 1 2002
For the developer or contractor looking into a crystal ball and hoping for longevity, it all boils down to three options
Sept. 1 2002
Sparkling, fresh and clean, water can be a beautiful aesthetic asset as well as a necessary component for healthy turfgrass irrigation. Water features add a luster to the environment that can transform
Aug. 1 2002
With all its calculations and considerations, landscape irrigation is a technical affair. Even trickier is efficient landscape irrigation, also known as water management
May 1 2002
With each passing year, additional criteria are tacked onto the definition of environmental responsibility. Maybe this year it’s the reduction of aerosol, and next year “greenness” is
April 8 2002
Commercial irrigation wouldn't be what it is today if controllers ceased to exist. Let's face it, without the timely, precisely measured application of water to maintain turf and landscapes in good and
April 1 2002
It’s no secret that much of the nation is currently rain starved. Drought warnings and emergencies are sweeping the country as season-to-date precipitation remains significantly below normal
March 1 2002
Some landscape contractors are wary of installing irrigation systems. However, more and more clients are demanding that they deal with one contractor who will be responsible for the whole project
Feb. 1 2002
It isn’t to say, however, that consumers always get what they pay for — although this usually proves true as well — or that some quality services aren’t more reasonable than others
Dec. 1 2001
Installing sprinklers and controllers in an area without AC power has always been a difficult and frustrating problem for contractors. There was a time, some years ago, when it couldn’t be done
Nov. 1 2001
To experienced irrigation contractors, installing electric valves is like driving – you can do it almost automatically, without thinking. This can make it difficult to explain to a novice; however,
Oct. 1 2001
Accurate and timely information can be hard to come by in a business that depends so much on the unpredictable forces of nature. Rainfall, wind speed, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, diseases and
July 1 2001
Low-Volume Irrigation: It can evoke an instant “heck, no” in one irrigation contractor’s mind and to another, it’s just a day’s work
June 1 2001
Controllers are the brains of an irrigation system, but the heart of the system is the most unglamorous element ? the valve
May 2 2001
Shaking his head, as he looks at the new controller his grandson, Kenny, is demonstrating for their prospective client, Asa’s thoughts stray back to days gone by
May 1 2001
Florida’s Lake Okeechobee is several feet below its optimum level. Drought conditions are so bad in the southern part of the state that homeowners are forbidden to water their lawns more than once
April 2 2001
As we read in the last issue of Irrigation & Green Industry, the technology of the battery-operated controller has been greatly improved. To further prove the worth of this burgeoning alternative to traditional
April 1 2001
The telephone rings . . . Mrs. Jones is calling with an urgent request for service. We just put in some new flower beds, and now the sprinkler system wont come on at all
March 1 2001
This segment in our series deals with, arguably the most technically challenging job in the field of irrigation — namely, troubleshooting. Volumes could be, (and have been) written on electrical
Aug. 1 2000
Well, guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way anymore! If you haven’t begun making the move toward selling and installing remote-operated controllers, you are missing the boat. No longer