July 1 2000
When was the last time you came across an irrigation tool that was really different and beneficial? A while? Read on
May 1 2000
The earth's surface is comprised of approximately 70% water, and yet in many countries, including the United States, water is a precious commodity. In a 1907 Message to Congress, Theodore Roosevelt stated
April 1 2000
Backflow preventers are installed in the irrigation system to protect our drinking water, save lives and prevent illness
March 1 2000
Whenever there is a constantly increasing demand for a finite resource, two things can happen; the price of the resource goes up or government intervention comes into play
March 1 2000
After establishing a budget, you can pick the proper components. Choose either a pre-packaged kit or customized kit
Sept. 1 1999
Up and down the eastern seaboard, 1999 will be remembered as the year of the drought. At least ten states were declared drought disaster areas
July 1 1999
There's a small instrument on your car dashboard that's given very little attention but is essential to the efficient operation of your car - the speedometer
May 1 1999
Some landscape contractors call it the necessary evil. Others say it’s a profit-eating, tedious task that only serves one purpose: good public relations. But there’s a growing army of landscape