March 1 2005
In the world of landscape maintenance, the contractor rarely gets an epiphany. But that’s what happened to Anthony Reynoso the first time he used a new brand of flexible pipe
March 1 2005
No matter where you live, water conservation is a hot issue. Increased population and land development have put pressure on the water supply even in places where fresh water seems abundant.
Feb. 1 2005
When you were a kid, your mother probably told you to leave things the way you found them. You probably ignored her. But in the world of the landscape contractor, you couldn’t find better advice
Feb. 1 2005
Glen Graye knows a thing or two about lawn irrigation. He should. Growing up as part of the Melnor family, known for its portable lawn sprinklers
Jan. 1 2005
Creating new sources of revenue from a preexisting business is nothing new. For large corporations, it’s a way of life. However, it doesn’t have to be the exclusive domain of big business
Dec. 1 2004
For some in the landscape maintenance business, the concept of conducting a water audit is just taking hold, but it’s something professional irrigators and users of irrigation systems have been doing
Aug. 1 2004
Drought conditions... Water restrictions... On-going scrutiny over irrigation practices... All have made landscape irrigation professionals’ jobs more challenging and demanding
July 1 2004
Versatile, reliable, flexible, these are just a few adjectives that could pertain to battery-powered controllers
July 1 2004
Have you ever noticed that water, when applied to some areas, is not readily absorbed, but beads up on the surface and rolls off?
June 1 2004
No two snowflakes are alike, everybody has their own unique fingerprint, and no set head spacing fits all lawns
June 1 2004
Economic efficiency, conserving energy, and protecting the environment have led to a growing trend in this country toward recycling. New beverage containers are made from old, discarded ones. New computer
March 1 2004
To set the stage, let?s agree on what we are talking about when we say electrical troubleshooting. For the purpose of this article, I am talking about troubleshooting basic controller operation, field
Feb. 1 2004
A crucial life and economic resource is becoming increasingly endangered, yet just about everyone takes it for granted. That precious resource is water
Jan. 1 2004
Have you tapped into the possibilities that expanding your landscape-only (or -mostly) business may be hiding? Well, there are a variety of ways that can add some oomph to your income statement by paying
Nov. 1 2003
Wherever you go, whatever you read, people are talking about the Internet. Whether it’s about going online to make purchases, do research, read the latest news, or to check email, a day doesn’t
Sept. 1 2003
Set any irrigation schedule you like on a controller, but if the controller doesn’t change with the environment, it’s nothing but a dumb timer
June 1 2003
Are you avoiding low-flow irrigation projects like the plague? Do they seem like much more hassle than they could possibly be worth? Join the club
March 1 2003
Between 1832 and 1858, Abraham Lincoln was defeated or rejected for eight public offices, both at the state and the federal levels. Also during that time, he had a nervous breakdown and saw the death of
March 1 2003
Todays irrigation controllers have become extremely sophisticated, incorporating computer technology to improve timing and diagnostics. However, as advanced as the technology becomes, you cannot escape
Jan. 1 2003
In this two-part series, we’ve been taking the mystery out of designing functional and efficient irrigation systems. It’s boiled down to understanding pressure and flow, and how they affect