Nov. 22 2010
April 16 2009
Bobcat MT52 Diesel 18.8 72.4/36 2,506 7 12 520 1584 71.3
Dec. 16 2008
EDITOR’S NOTE: We are reprinting this chart because in order for a comparison chart to be effective it must contain all manufacturers. We
May 1 2006
Model and Series Zones Programs Start Times Water Budget Maximum Water Time Remote Control Rain Sensor ET (evapo-transpiration)
April 1 2006
Model Engine Horse Power Length/Width (inches) Weight (lbs) Fuel Capacity Hydraulic Pump Capacity Rated Operating Cap. (lbs) Tipping Load (lbs) Max. L
Jan. 1 2006
Model HP Cooling Forward Speed Fuel Capacity Belt/PTO Width at Rear Wheels in Inches Total Width in Inches Wheel