Dec. 13 2012
Once upon a time, there was little need for smart irrigation. Water was plentiful, falling from the sky at regular intervals. Oh, there might be a dry
Nov. 16 2012
IN OUR MOBILE SOCIETY, IT’S NOT UNCOMMON for people to move from a location with year-round warmth, like California, to a location in upstate New
Nov. 12 2012
The school board in West Platte, Missouri, is in trouble over their handling of bids for irrigation systems and other work at two athletic fields. The
Sept. 19 2012
It’s making headlines every day: “Drought conditions turn green lawns brown.” “Crop failures expected.” Some 66 percent
Aug. 17 2012
The voicemails you hear when you arrive at your office in the morning may vary, but the message is the same.... “Hi. There’s a big wet spot
July 17 2012
Gone are the days when there was so much work out there that if you didn’t get one job, you got another. Also gone are the times when you made
June 15 2012
Irrigation is a proven revenue stream—no pun intended—for those in the landscape business. However, irrigation isn’t as simple as locating
May 15 2012
There was a time—and it’s actually not that long ago—when irrigation systems were turned on and off by hand. For those who have come
April 19 2012
Drip irrigation is no longer the new kid on the block. In a region of the world where rainfall is the subject of prayer and water more precious than crude
March 16 2012
In May Of 2000, residents living around the subdivision in Pineville, North Carolina, known as Walden Pointe discovered that their drinking water had
Feb. 15 2012
You might think this is a pipe dream, but it’s reality for the growing number of landscape contractors and irrigation specialists who also provide
Jan. 16 2012
Reactivation, inspection, tuneup, evaluation, system turn-on—no matter what terminology is used, irrigation systems are routinely evaluated for proper
Dec. 9 2011
The EPA’s WaterSense program announced today that irrigation controllers will soon be the first outdoor product eligible to earn the WaterSense label
Nov. 16 2011
As a landscape pro installing irrigation, you look at water in a different way. Your early morning commute on a warm weather morning might take you past
Sept. 15 2011
When you think of wireless, what comes to your mind? Do you conjure up some new technology that would be beneficial for your business, or is it just another
July 20 2011
Tom Campbell is the owner and operator of Water Scout, a North Bay, California company that specializes in irrigation planning and water auditing. Late
July 20 2011
Pondless Waterfall Vault Aquascape introduces its Pondless Waterfall Vault, designed for small to midsized waterfall projects. The unit handles pumps up
July 20 2011
Last November, an affluent six-acre gated community received a notification that their water bill would increase by 10 percent every year for the next
July 20 2011
Can finding the right sprinkler head leave you as perplexed as Ponce De Leon on his quest for the Fountain of Youth? If you have a lot of confusion distinguishing
June 16 2011
Say the word `recycling` and what usually comes to mind is taking aluminum cans