Aug. 1 2004
Drought conditions... Water restrictions... On-going scrutiny over irrigation practices... All have made landscape irrigation professionals’ jobs
July 1 2004
Versatile, reliable, flexible, these are just a few adjectives that could pertain to battery-powered controllers
July 1 2004
Have you ever noticed that water, when applied to some areas, is not readily absorbed, but beads up on the surface and rolls off?
June 1 2004
No two snowflakes are alike, everybody has their own unique fingerprint, and no set head spacing fits all lawns
June 1 2004
Economic efficiency, conserving energy, and protecting the environment have led to a growing trend in this country toward recycling. New beverage containers
March 1 2004
To set the stage, let?s agree on what we are talking about when we say electrical troubleshooting. For the purpose of this article, I am talking about
Feb. 1 2004
A crucial life and economic resource is becoming increasingly endangered, yet just about everyone takes it for granted. That precious resource is water
Jan. 1 2004
Have you tapped into the possibilities that expanding your landscape-only (or -mostly) business may be hiding? Well, there are a variety of ways that can
Nov. 1 2003
Wherever you go, whatever you read, people are talking about the Internet. Whether it’s about going online to make purchases, do research, read the
Sept. 1 2003
Set any irrigation schedule you like on a controller, but if the controller doesn’t change with the environment, it’s nothing but a dumb timer
June 1 2003
Are you avoiding low-flow irrigation projects like the plague? Do they seem like much more hassle than they could possibly be worth? Join the club
March 1 2003
Between 1832 and 1858, Abraham Lincoln was defeated or rejected for eight public offices, both at the state and the federal levels. Also during that time,
March 1 2003
Todays irrigation controllers have become extremely sophisticated, incorporating computer technology to improve timing and diagnostics. However, as advanced
Jan. 1 2003
In this two-part series, we’ve been taking the mystery out of designing functional and efficient irrigation systems. It’s boiled down to understanding
Dec. 1 2002
For the developer or contractor looking into a crystal ball and hoping for longevity, it all boils down to three options
Sept. 1 2002
Sparkling, fresh and clean, water can be a beautiful aesthetic asset as well as a necessary component for healthy turfgrass irrigation. Water features
Aug. 1 2002
With all its calculations and considerations, landscape irrigation is a technical affair. Even trickier is efficient landscape irrigation, also known as
May 1 2002
With each passing year, additional criteria are tacked onto the definition of environmental responsibility. Maybe this year it’s the reduction of
April 8 2002
Commercial irrigation wouldn't be what it is today if controllers ceased to exist. Let's face it, without the timely, precisely measured application of
April 1 2002
It’s no secret that much of the nation is currently rain starved. Drought warnings and emergencies are sweeping the country as season-to-date precipitation