Feb. 7 2019
Conserva Irrigation, Richmond, Virginia, announced a total of 45 new franchise agreements signed in 2018 and nine territory expansions from existing franchisees.
Jan. 30 2019
Hunter Industries, San Marcos, California, has released its EZ Decoder System, a tool it says will allow contractors all the advantages of two-wire installations
Jan. 25 2019
The National Business Research Institute has included Rain Bird, Azusa, California, into its Circle of Excellence for the fourth year in a row. The NBRI
Jan. 22 2019
Adrian Toribio, manufacturing industry veteran of K-Rain Manufacturing, Riviera Beach, Florida, has assumed the position of director of operations and
Jan. 21 2019
Washington Square Park, San FranciscoShutterstock.com Washington Square Park in San Francisco is a favorite spot for local tai chi groups, dog walkers
Jan. 17 2019
A couple mortgaged their home to fund the development of a technology platform that makes fresh water from air, according a story by Afdhel Aziz published
Jan. 14 2019
Rain Bird, Azusa, California, announced that beginning in Q1 2019, users of Rain Bird controllers featuring the LNK WiFi Module are now able to control
Jan. 8 2019
The city of Santa Monica, California has moved one giant step closer toward water self-sufficiency, according to a story published on the Water Online
Jan. 8 2019
When I was in high school, I read all the Sherlock Holmes stories I could get my hands on. It was fascinating how the great detective eliminated first
Jan. 8 2019
New Mexico State University’s Extension Turfgrass Specialist Bernd Leinauer and his team, in cooperation with the Colorado School of Mines, have
Jan. 4 2019
Franklin Electric Co. Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana, announced it has acquired Milan Supply Co. of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, for $5.9 million. Milan is a professional
Dec. 10 2018
Landscape Irrigation winner: FLOMEC SQ200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Great Plains IndustriesThe Irrigation Association, Fairfax, Virginia, announced
Dec. 4 2018
ShutterstockResidents of El Paso, Texas may soon be getting part of their drinking water from city sewers, according a story reported in Environmental
Nov. 28 2018
The essence of an irrigation system is the sprinkler head or nozzle, and there are so many different kinds of them: gear-driven rotors, fixed sprays, rotary
Nov. 27 2018
ShutterstockIt may be possible to capture drinking and irrigation water from the air using a simple device, even in the most arid desert regions, according
Nov. 23 2018
Regency Wire, Sikeston, Missouri, has announced that Jimmy White will lead the company’s overall sales efforts beginning December 2018. He will be
Nov. 19 2018
Two of the biggest names in irrigation, Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply, Phoenix, and Hunter Industries, San Marcos, California, are teaming up to
Nov. 16 2018
In Austin, Texas, the emergency water use restrictions that were put in place on Oct. 22 are now over, and customers can water outdoors again, including
Nov. 6 2018
Rachio, Denver, maker of smart sprinkler controllers, has announced the appointments of Sarah Heitzman as chief revenue officer and Julie Reeves as chief
Oct. 30 2018
Weathermatic, a Dallas-based landscape industry leader in smart irrigation technology, has announced the acquisition of certain assets and substantially