Jan. 2 2019
From left to right is Adrian Riveras, Josh Crothers and Bob Vastine.Prescott Landscape Professionals, based in Prescott, Arizona, has announced the acquisition of Nature West Inc. according to an arti
Jan. 2 2019
Jack Bowman from Oklahoma City stopped to get gas at a 7-Eleven in late December, and when he went inside to pay, thieves drove off in his truck, according to an article on the Oklahoma Ne
Dec. 27 2018
Tate Manahl, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, is making great strides after suffering severe injuries during an accident involving a lawn mower, according to an article on the KWWL News website. Manahl was onl
Dec. 25 2018
ShutterstockSome needy families in Baltimore County, Maryland, have received a nice Christmas present thanks to a local landscape company, according to a story by Cody Boteler in The Baltimore Sun. B
Dec. 21 2018
Mark Stone/University of WashingtonThe team behind the modified houseplants. From left to right: Ryan Routsong, Long Zhang, Stuart Strand.Researchers at the University of Washington have genetically m
Dec. 20 2018
ShutterstockIt can be tricky enough being a landscaper, warding off the usual everyday dangers such as sharp blades, bee attacks and sunstroke. But one landscape crew in Florida faced an additional se
Dec. 18 2018
Green Goat Landscapers, a small family business in San Jose, California, had a herd of 60 pregnant goats stolen from their farm, according to an article on the KPIX 5, CBS SF Bay Area website. Th
Dec. 18 2018
Shutterstock A Milton, Massachusetts man has been denied bail after pleading not guilty in a hit-and-run case in which a landscape contractor was injured, according to a story reported by Steve C
Dec. 17 2018
Doug Evans, owner of Evans Landscaping, Inc., based in Cincinnati, and the vice president of operations, Jim Bailey, faced trial for federal wire fraud charges, as previously reported in Irrigat
Dec. 11 2018
The National Association of Landscape Professionals, Fairfax, Virginia, has announced that it will host its first-ever national Workforce Summit, bringing business leaders together to strategize ways
Dec. 6 2018
A big commercial mower is an awesome thing to behold; a magnificent piece of machinery, made of many hundreds of pounds of metal, with sharp blades that whirr at very fast speeds. When all that mass and ...
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Dec. 6 2018
Shutterstock A man who took money for landscape services he never delivered has had a whopping default judgement filed against him, according to a report published on the azcentral.com website. T
Dec. 6 2018
Shutterstock An 85-year-old Lakeland, Florida man is recovering after being attacked by an alligator. Luckily, a landscaper who was working nearby came to his rescue, according to a story by Tim Wron
Dec. 5 2018
Asian longhorned tickEric R. Day, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bugwood.orgDisease-carrying ticks are always an occupational hazard for landscapers, and now, we have a new speci
Dec. 4 2018
Elm Park\'s Isaac Sprague Memorial Tower, Wellesley, MassachusettsJames L. Woodward | Wikimedia A park in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, has a new feature: a landscape labyrinth. A
Nov. 30 2018
Orlando, Florida-based Massey Services, the nation’s fifth largest pest prevention and landscape services company, has announced that in 2018 it once again increased its sponsorship of
Nov. 29 2018
Landscape Development Inc. (LDI), Valencia, California, an industry-leading landscape services company has announced the opening of a new Sacramento division. Answering to client request and a g
Nov. 29 2018
ShutterstockIf you're one of those folks who feels that anything other than a real, grown-in-the-ground Christmas tree just ain’t Kosher, you’d better go buy one now. A story on KIMA-TV’s ...
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Nov. 24 2018
Eden, an on-demand and subscription-based snow removal and lawn care maintenance app based in Toronto, held its first Eden U program in early November. The program is designed to help co
Nov. 23 2018
From the outside, Daniel Piotti may appear to be an ordinary teenager living in Philadelphia. But when you look at this 17-year-old, what’s uncommon is that he runs his own landscaping busin