July 30 2019
The desert resort town is suddenly swarming with migrating grasshoppers.
July 29 2019
Professional Pest Managers School is Sept. 11 and Advanced Tree Climbing School is Sept. 25.
July 22 2019
Weed prevention can seem like a losing battle, but with the right tools and strategies, we can increase our odds against these nasty little invaders.
July 8 2019
Council members acknowledge weed control challenges but cite environmental and human impact benefits.
July 2 2019
Shawn Fopma to lead sales in Iowa and Nebraska for golf and turfgrass customers.
June 26 2019
These tiny critters are more than mere nuisances. Learn tips for keeping them from attaching themselves to you, your crew members and clients.
June 20 2019
A county in Washington has made it easy to snap and send “mug” shots of suspicious-looking weeds.
June 17 2019
Announcement comes as the company faces more than 13,000 lawsuits claiming its herbicide causes cancer.
June 7 2019
Three new service centers are part of company’s growth strategy.
May 31 2019
The acquisition expands the company’s presence in the North Carolina market.
May 1 2019
While the agency did not find public health risks, it did identify ecological risks.
April 15 2019
North American lawn care franchise will offer the service at selected locations this season.
April 9 2019
Bacterial disease is most commonly spread by tick bites.
March 26 2019
Donated treatments are to protect against invasive shot hole borer are part of its
March 12 2019
The invasive fig buttercup overwhelms native plants wherever it is found.
Feb. 28 2019
It just didn’t get cold enough to kill them, experts say.
Feb. 18 2019
Ecologel will provide free Hydretain products to help maintain lawns.
Feb. 16 2019
New product offerings revolutionize turf nutrition programs.
Feb. 11 2019
The joint research project will study how efficient Netafim’s drip irrigation systems are in delivering Bayer’s chemical and biological crop protection products.
Jan. 30 2019
Below-zero temperatures in the Midwest expected to kill larvae.