Jan. 25 2019
Vexis Herbicide Granular provides post-emergent control of sedges and kyllinga species.
Jan. 23 2019
The invasive pest reached the Bay Area in 2016 — now it’s within the city limits.
Jan. 4 2019
Wisconsin business owners make $60,000 donation during company holiday party.
Dec. 10 2018
The appointments have been made to better serve the global corporation’s turf and ornamentals customers.
Dec. 10 2018
Office will house approximately 100 employee owners and accommodate the local company’s growth.
Nov. 15 2018
Researchers who study bugs aren’t sure exactly why this is happening, but they have their suspicions.
Sept. 14 2018
Here's what you need to know to protect yourself and your crews.
Sept. 10 2018
Asian long-horned tick considered bigger threat to livestock than humans.
Aug. 28 2018
The vicious Aedes species bites during the day, targeting legs and ankles.
Aug. 21 2018
Deal adds 288 territories to Texas-based home services brand owner.
Aug. 6 2018
State will join federal quarantine covering much of the eastern U.S. enacted to prevent the spread of the pest.
July 27 2018
Three people transported to the hospital for bee stings during mowing job.
July 26 2018
The discovery could lead to new class of commercial herbicides. But further study is needed.
July 24 2018
Southern California seeing an increase in critters, thanks to hot temperatures.
July 10 2018
New study confirms that permethrin-treated clothing really does work.
July 3 2018
Toxic weed found in Virginia, but experts say there's no need for worry.
June 11 2018
Controlling these summer pests can pay off big-time for contractors and might even save someone's life.