Jan. 13 2020
Irrigation experts show how they manage some of the most common service call issues.
Jan. 10 2020
The latest canine to wear the cape is enjoying her new role as TurfMutt.
Jan. 6 2020
The snow alleviates drought fears — for now.
Dec. 23 2019
If you’re an irrigation professional, getting certified by the Irrigation Association puts you ahead of the pack.
Dec. 18 2019
The 2020 model year brings us the smartest, most technologically advanced trucks yet.
Nov. 22 2019
The U.S. Drought monitor says most of the state has not had nearly enough rainfall this year.
Nov. 18 2019
The government agencies overseeing that program are considering modernizing the requirement.
Nov. 12 2019
Fire features are hot, and not just because of the flames they produce.
Nov. 5 2019
Contractors today can choose from an array of sprinkler types to fit any irrigation need.
Oct. 29 2019
In a letter to Congressional leaders, the bipartisan delegation stresses the urgent need for more guest workers in the state.
Oct. 24 2019
Larger, more powerful equipment was a hallmark of this years’ GIE+Expo show.
Oct. 24 2019
If anyone still harbors any doubt that the robotic mower revolution is here to stay, a visit to this year’s GIE+Expo would remove it.
Oct. 22 2019
There are many ways you can help your clients reduce the amount of water they use, and their landscapes will be better for it.
Oct. 20 2019
The man was pinned under his riding mower in a pond.
Oct. 10 2019
A jury told Jeff Bagwell to pay his landscape contractor.
Oct. 10 2019
A tree theft last year led to a massive wildfire.
Oct. 8 2019
A man who’d shot his ex-wife asked the landscapers to call 911.
Oct. 8 2019
A childhood interest has grown into a focus on a career as a landscape contractor.
Oct. 3 2019
One man died and his co-workers were injured.
Oct. 1 2019
He was found by a longtime employee.