Aug. 6 2019
The exhibit honors Roberto Burle Marx who was not only a widely influential landscape designer, but also an artist and conservationist.
Aug. 1 2019
A disabled veteran has a new stumble-free walkway thanks to two young landscape contractors.
Aug. 1 2019
An 18-year-old from Ireland was awarded the $50,000 prize for his magnetic methodology.
July 31 2019
Outdoor living spaces are gaining a whole new dimension with the addition of game courts where family and friends can slam-dunk together.
July 30 2019
And they, the residents of a Virginia town, will be getting it back, thanks to a local business owner.
July 30 2019
The desert resort town is suddenly swarming with migrating grasshoppers.
July 25 2019
The bill is aimed at getting clean, safe drinking water to the communities that lack this basic amenity.
July 22 2019
Weed prevention can seem like a losing battle, but with the right tools and strategies, we can increase our odds against these nasty little invaders.
July 18 2019
The island nation never recovered from the Viking invasion in the 9th century.
July 9 2019
The Canadian city is asking for bids on an autonomous snow-removal machine.
July 9 2019
Xylem partners with German water utilities to produce a beer made from purified and treated recycled water.
July 5 2019
California’s drought ignited a passion for water reuse when she was only 11 years old.
July 4 2019
The Florida island community has banned certain fertilizers through the end of September.
July 4 2019
A changing climate is cited as the reason for the generous rebate program.
July 4 2019
A billing dispute between a landscape contractor and a client may end up in court.
July 2 2019
He’s one of many illegitimate landscapers said to be operating within the county.
June 27 2019
East Hampton Village residents say noise is the issue; the proposal will be reconsidered at the end of July.
June 25 2019
Climate zones are shifting upward, and global warming is the probable cause.
June 24 2019
Keeping the lines of communication open between landscape and irrigation professionals is critical in creating new, well-functioning landscape projects.
June 20 2019
A county in Washington has made it easy to snap and send “mug” shots of suspicious-looking weeds.