Featured Authors

Our editors, columnists and regular contributors to Irrigation & Green Industry are the heart and soul of the magazine.

Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown is editor-in-chief of Irrigation & Green Industry magazine and can be reached at kylebrown@igin.com.

Sarah Bunyea

Sarah Bunyea is digital content editor of Irrigation & Green Industry and can be reached at sarahbunyea@igin.com.

Jeff Carowitz

Jeff Carowitz advises landscape industry firms on marketing and business strategy. He can be reached at jeff@strategicforcemarketing.com.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is the national technical support and trainer at Brilliance LED LLC, Carefree, Arizona, and can be reached at kevin.smith@brillianceled.com.
Gary Horton, MBA, is CEO of Landscape Development Inc., a green industry leader for over 35 years with offices throughout California and Nevada. He can be reached at ghorton@landscapedevelopment.com.

Tom Borg

Tom Borg is a team performance and customer experience expert who works with small businesses and organizations in the green industry to improve customer acquisition and retention. He can be reached at 734.404.5909 or at tom@tomborg.com.

Kate Kjeel

Kate Kjeell is president of TalentWell, a recruiting firm that specializes in helping small and mid-sized businesses find and hire the right people to enable them to thrive. The firm’s approach can be described in three words: find, fit, flourish. She can be reached at kate@talentwellinc.com.

Stacie Zinn Roberts

Stacie Zinn Roberts is a turfgrass marketer and founder of What’s Your Avocado? Marketing and Public Relations, Mount Vernon, Washington, which specializes in turf and green industry marketing. She can be reached at stacie@whatsyouravocado.com.

Judith Guido

Judith M. Guido is chairwoman of Guido & Associates, a business management company. She can be reached at judy@guidoassoc.com.

Phil Meeks

Phillip Meeks is an educator in the areas of natural resources, agriculture and horticulture. He resides in the mountains of southwest Virginia and can be reached at pmeeks@vt.edu.

Annemarie Mannion

Annemarie Mannion is a freelance writer based in Chicago who writes on various industry topics. She can be reached at mannionannemarie@yahoo.com.