Cover Story: Irrigation to the rescue

Smart irrigation is becoming more critical to keep landscapes healthy in areas with high drought and wildfire risk.

We all remember the news reports of the devastating wildfires that ravaged California last year. Some people lost everything, their homes and everything in them, as the fires ripped through. Those were the lucky ones; many others lost their lives.
His four-decade career dedicated to landscape design has allowed him to work on many large projects, and he’s still going strong.
Weed prevention can sometimes seem like a losing battle, but with the right tools and strategies, we can increase our odds against these nasty little invaders.
These six tips for employee retention will help keep those valued employees sticking around before it’s too late.
Break down the key roles and steps you need to take to make safety a part of your company culture.
Learn how to really read those circuit testers and accurately detect electrical problems. Hint: You may have been interpreting them all wrong.
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