Create Conversations via Social Media

Why not use your customers as consultants to help make your products and services a success? Many consumers are very creative in how they use your products or services. By employing social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you can use these innovative ideas to your advantage. The easiest way to do so is to engage your customers in conversations. In these conversations, motivate them to share with fellow clients their ideas on using your products and services.

But be careful: using social media to engage your customers is not as simple as you might think and should not be done by the uninformed. You can easily scare customers away and cause more harm than good if not handled properly. Here are a couple tips to engage your customers in a productive manner.

Always talk with them, not at them. Make sure your company sounds like it’s a real, live person talking to them. Always make your customers seem part of your family. By doing so, you’ll get them to be more open with their comments and suggestions, and create livelier and more interesting posts.

When someone asks a question, make sure you answer it in a timely manner. No one likes to be kept waiting, and it will look like you don’t care. Use the list or group features to segregate your clients into different categories, such as loyal customers, potential future customers, most valuable insights or influencers.

Reward those customers who provide the best and most innovative/creative posts. Give them a code for a discount on a next purchase and give out free samples. Use snail mail to send notes of appreciation. Your customers will become even more loyal with a reward program set up. It’s all about engaging your customers in a conversation.