Landscape Contractor Redefines the Term ‘Hero’

Many children dream of becoming firefighters and police officers, the type of careers that are traditionally associated with being a ‘hero.’ For one long-ago child, being a hero meant helping widowed neighbors take care of their yards and creating beautiful landscapes for them to enjoy.

Tom Grosh, owner of Grosh’s Lawn Service in Washington County, Maryland, continues his good deeds as a grown-up landscape contractor. “I’ve seen communities fall because one neglected property brought down the value of the neighborhood, then another property was neglected, and it became a domino effect,” he said. “When yards were not properly maintained, it had a negative ripple effect on everyone nearby.” His passion for nature and landscaping now have him celebrating 25 years of service.

Grosh has dedicated himself to creating a world where communities are made healthy and joyful by the beautiful plant life around them. The best thing is that Grosh’s story is not uncommon. Whether you’re maintaining the landscape or clearing the snow during the winter, or setting up lights around a house for the holidays, as a contractor you are making your community a better and brighter place.