Employees buy Wisconsin landscaping company

By Kristin Smith-Ely

K&B Tree and Lawn Care owners decided to sell the business to two longtime employees.

A Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, landscaping company has a new set of owners, and those owners are no stranger to the business. Marty Owens and Tim Eilbes took it over from Dan Keel and Bob Biel.

According to an article on The Daily Citizen website www.wiscnews.com, the K&K Tree and Lawn Care was founded in 1976 when Owens and Eilbes were just 21 years old. Eilbes, a professional landscape architect, started the landscape division in 2013. Owens started as a tree laborer at K&B in 2002 and worked his way up to lead mechanic and equipment acquisition specialist.

The pair says day-to-day operations won’t change and that it is still very much a “mom-and-pop” business. The new owners plan to maintain current level of service and may grow down the road if the market allows.