Alabama landscaper among CNN's top five inspiring people of 2018

By Sarah Bunyea

Rodney Smith has mowed over 2,000 lawns for the elderly, disabled, single parents and military veterans.

As previously reported by Irrigation & Green Industry magazine, Rodney Smith Jr., has been changing lives and inspiring others through his organization, Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

CNN featured Smith in its “5 People Who Inspired Us in 2018 -- and the Impact They Continue to Have.”

In July, Smith completed his second 50 States, 50 Lawns tour where he drove across the U.S., mowing lawns for the elderly, disabled, single parents and military veterans for free. To date, Smith has mowed over 2,000 lawns.

The purpose of Smith's tour was to raise awareness for RMLCS, based in Madison, Alabama, and its mission to keep youth on a positive path through community service, providing free lawn care for those in need. To date, Rodney has inspired over 230 youths to accept his 50 Yard Challenge by committing to mowing 50 lawns within their communities.

When news of his foundation spread through social media, donations poured in, giving Smith the opportunity to expand his mission. At the start of the 2018 holiday season, Smith dressed as Santa Claus and surprise homeless people with gifts in every new city he visited. As part of his winter tour, Smith has been passing out blankets and backpacks stocked with supplies for the homeless.

In 2019, Smith plans to embark on a "seven continents - seven lawns" campaign to continue spreading his message of service around the world.

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