Florida landscaper down on his own luck, gives back to client

By Kristin Smith-Ely

Gregory Coldon, who was victim of theft in January, providing free lawn care to family whose child was born prematurely.

A Florida landscape contractor is providing free lawn care to one of his clients whose baby came into the world three months early.

And that’s not all to the story, reported on 7 News Miami. When Gregory Colden first performed work for the Ramjohns, his equipment was stolen.

A surveillance camera caught a truck driving up while lawn service was being performed on the home by a crew member and someone grabbed the equipment and drove off.

Then, then Tatyana Ramjohn went into labor three months early. The child is still being cared for in the hospital, and despite Colden’s hardship, he has continued to care for the couple’s lawn at no charge and down several pieces of equipment.

“One of the greatest things that you can have in life is love, and if there’s no love, there’s nothing, so I figured that’s the best act of love that I can give,” Colden told 7 News.

The Ramjohn’s hope someone will hear Colden’s story and want to help him.