Arborjet hires plant scientist

By edited by Mary Elizabeth Williams-Villano

She will help the company find solutions for fighting invasive pests and diseases.

Dr. Ploy Kurdmongkoltham

Plant health products manufacturer Arborjet, Woburn, Massachusetts, has recently hired plant pathologist and microbiologist Dr. Ploy Kurdmongkoltham, Ph.D., a specialist in tree pests and diseases. Kurdmongkoltham has an M.S. in Plant Biology from Jacksonville State University and a DPM (Doctor of Plant Medicine) from the University of Florida. Arborjet plans to incorporate her skills and expertise to solidify its research position in the industry.

Kurdmongkoltham has vast experience working on row crop pests and diseases as well as foodborne pathogens. Her experience in extension work includes leading and coordinating Florida First Detector workshops where she taught growers, Master Gardeners and the public how to identify tree pests and diseases.

“At Arborjet, her work will be hands on, including training and conducting educational webinars. She will be working to identify and isolate pure cultures of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens and conduct in-vitro efficacy trials along with other in-house entomology studies that will help us immensely with our studies,” said Joe Doccola, director of research and development. For 20 years, Doccola has developed research methods for Arborjet technology and has established cooperative studies with universities, the USFS and private entities in efforts to manage invasive and destructive tree pests.

“I've always wanted to work in research and development ever since I started my Masters program,” says Kurdmongkoltham. “Being in the lab is a second home to me. I am excited to be working with the entomologists at Arborjet to hopefully aid in discoveries that will help their arborists and regional training managers preserve urban forests by eradicating invasive species and diseases across the country.”

Arborjet technology was developed in 2000 by arborists, for arborists, in order to effectively manage and control exotic and native insects and diseases threatening natural and urban forests.