Jobber survey reveals consumer insight on lawn care services and trends

By edited by Sarah Bunyea

Survey shows consumers desire online scheduling, text and email notifications from lawn care providers.

Jobber, Edmonton, Alberta, a provider of home service management software, has announced the results of a new survey exploring consumer insight around lawn care maintenance and what they look for in hiring a lawn care company. Jobber compiled views from 1,000 individuals across the U.S., ages 18 and up, and uncovered several trends related to lawn care habits, outdoor space design and views toward lawn care companies.

“Consumers demand quality work from their lawn care providers, but also want the convenience that modern companies in nearly all other sectors have made standard through the use of technology,” says Sam Pillar, CEO and co-founder of Jobber. “The results from our recent survey showcase that by using the right technology, lawn care professionals can communicate more effectively with their customers, keeping them more in the loop, and offering new levels of professionalism that will help create long term loyalty.”

Convenience Through Technology

Results revealed evolving technology demands from customers when it comes to their expectations of lawn care providers. For instance, text and email notification, along with online scheduling and having a website to leave reviews, are among the top features that consumers look for when hiring a lawn care company. Thirty-five percent of respondents with children identified online quoting as a contributor to professionalism, compared to 25% of individuals without children, suggesting convenience was a more important factor to families.

When questioned about robotic lawnmowers, which operate similarly to robotic vacuum cleaners, more than half of respondents (53%) believed that this will be how most lawns are cut within the next 20 years, while 31% of overall respondents expect this to occur within the next 10 years.

Quality, Cost, and Professionalism

Forty-three percent of respondents identified quality of work as the important factor to consider when hiring a lawn care company, followed closely by cost of services at 41%. Respondents also agreed that a lawn care provider appears more professional when they have received positive online reviews (46%), wear branded uniforms (42%), and offer customers the ability to pay for services using different forms of payment (32%).

When it comes to pricing for lawn care services, 43% of respondents expect the average monthly service cost for having standard lawn care maintenance (mowing, edging, weeding and leaf blowing) once per week to be less than $99 per month.

Outdoor Trends and Consumer Concerns

Respondents also provided insight into what their ideal outdoor space would be used for and the features it would include. When asked to select all the features that a perfect backyard would consist of, a deck or patio (64%) was the top response. The second most popular feature was tied between a fire pit (45%) and vegetable garden (45%).

According to the survey, the most popular sources for gathering lawn care advice are friends and family (40%), garden centers (18%) and television (18%). One in five men unveiled that they have also turned to online forums for lawn care guidance.

Forty-one percent of respondents (ages 18-24) expressed concern over the environmental impact of watering lawns, followed closely by 37% for ages 25-44. Thirty-eight of respondents would also consider having native/low water landscaping, while nearly a quarter of respondents (24%) would consider having artificial turf.