Exmark debuts new Backyard Life website

By edited by Sarah Bunyea

Site provides content on outdoor living and landscape projects.

Exmark, Beatrice, Nebraska, has debuted a new Backyard Life website that offers tips and projects to make the most of outdoor living. John Cloutier, Exmark senior marketing manager, says Backyard Life is a one-of-a-kind destination site catering to home and acreage owners looking to spend more quality time outdoors.

“Of course, the foundation of an awesome backyard experience is a well-maintained lawn,” Cloutier says. “Acreage owners use Exmark mowers to maintain a beautiful lawn and get more of their quality time back. With that in mind, we created Backyard Life to help these folks make the most of that quality time outdoors with family and friends.”

Backyard Life is a multimedia website including blogs and how-to videos that inspire visitors and give them the tips and knowledge to make their backyard dreams a reality. Exmark is working with content experts from across the country to develop a wide range of original, informative and entertaining video content in its original series, including Done-in-a-Weekend Projects, Done-in-a-Weekend Extreme Projects, Prime Cuts and Dream Yards.

Atlanta, Georgia-based landscape designer Doug Scott hosts Exmark’s Done-in-a-Weekend Projects original series of lawn and garden DIY projects homeowners can complete in a weekend or less. These videos offer tips on how to tackle DIY projects including building a container garden, installing water features and more. In the ‘Mow Like a Pro’ video, Scott partners with lawn and garden expert and professional fisherman, Brian Latimer, to offer tips on how to add professional-looking stripes to the lawn while mowing.

Scott also hosts Exmark’s Done-in-a-Weekend Extreme Projects original series, which features larger DIY projects that may take longer than a weekend to complete. Projects in this series help viewers understand how to complete larger backyard projects, including building retaining walls, raised garden beds and pergolas.

Exmark has teamed with former Iron Chef Showdown winner, David Bancroft, for its Prime Cuts outdoor cooking and living original series. In this four-part video series, Bancroft works with guest chefs to offer tips on how to properly select, prepare and cook a variety of high-quality meats and fish.

Exmark partnered with Augusta, Georgia-based landscape designer Jane Waldorp on the new Dream Yards original video series. Each video offers an exclusive glimpse into elite lawns from across the country, giving viewers perspective that can help them make the most of their own outdoor living space.

Exmark has also engaged ambassadors to contribute unique outdoor living content to Backyard Life. Ambassadors include NASCAR racer Austin Dillon, professional fisherman Andy Morgan, gardening and sustainability expert Joe Lamp’l, leading barbecue authority Greg Mrvich, and rural homesteading and outdoors expert Mike Morgan.