April 27 2020
The online event will debut the week of July 13, 2020.
March 6 2020
Projects include spotted lanternfly survey and protection of ash trees from emerald ash borer.
Jan. 27 2020
The grant program launched in 2011 has since awarded over $150,000 for horticulture education.
Jan. 3 2020
They say plant pods filled with “secret” ingredients.
Dec. 9 2019
The software program helps keep green industry companies in compliance with plant shipping regulations.
Nov. 20 2019
Winter can take a toll on plants and trees, but there are ways you can help lessen its impact.
Nov. 1 2019
The team also designed a better irrigation system to water seedlings.
March 20 2019
Discover this year’s most popular plants and the trends influencing them.