July 30 2021
Rapid adoption of Internet of Things in irrigation applications one key factor.
July 27 2021
Influential industry members share why smart irrigation is important to them.
July 26 2021
It will be the exclusive landscape sponsor for the week-long education event.
July 26 2021
The company’s rotor won at the International Sustainable Irrigation Expo.
July 26 2021
Smart irrigation solutions require scalable practices for large landscapes.
July 26 2021
The event will include presentations on new industry research by educators.
July 22 2021
New trends in smart irrigation controllers take advantage of technology
May 20 2021
Use drip irrigation for direct application of water for clients.
Feb. 22 2021
Wireless technology helps irrigation professionals dealing with labor shortages and social distancing.
Jan. 20 2021
The regional irrigation technical advisor at SiteOne Landscape Supply helps employees and contractors tackle challenging irrigation issues.
July 15 2020
His research in water management shows how plants, soil and water work together.
June 19 2020
The initiative kicks off on July 7 with Technology Tuesday.
June 8 2020
NGWA and water associations urge EPA to expedite regulation of PFAS
June 1 2020
Get ongoing information on how landscape and irrigation contractors are handling the pandemic.
May 22 2020
Today’s connected controllers make irrigation easier and more efficient.
May 22 2020
The award will be officially presented with the award during the 2021 National Conference.