Dec. 2 2019
The company plans on conducting five to seven academies per year.
Nov. 22 2019
The U.S. Drought monitor says most of the state has not had nearly enough rainfall this year.
Nov. 18 2019
The deadline to participate is Dec. 31, 2019.
Nov. 18 2019
Award applications are open through March 31, 2020.
Nov. 11 2019
The 2019 Irrigation Show will be held Dec. 4-5 in Las Vegas.
Nov. 11 2019
The first step in that process was the release of a specification document for public comment.
Nov. 11 2019
Award nominations will be open until March 31, 2020.
Nov. 11 2019
The fly-in will be held in conjunction with the Water Resources Congressional Summit.
Nov. 5 2019
Contractors today can choose from an array of sprinkler types to fit any irrigation need.
Oct. 29 2019
There can be a lot of misunderstandings surrounding this important part of an irrigation system.
Oct. 22 2019
There are many ways you can help your clients reduce the amount of water they use, and their landscapes will be better for it.
Sept. 26 2019
There’s money to be made preparing irrigation systems for the season’s onslaught, but there’s much more to winterizing than simply hooking up a compressor.
Sept. 24 2019
Hear how Land and Water Design of Haymarket, Virginia, answered when numerous calls came in about drainage after heavy rainfall.
Sept. 18 2019
Irrigation has taken him on many journeys throughout his career, and the Creative Sensor Technology founder isn’t done evolving yet.
Aug. 16 2019
The standard, strictly time-based irrigation controller may not be cutting edge, but it’s the workhorse that many contractors depend on.
July 29 2019
Learn how to read those circuit testers and accurately detect electrical problems. Hint: You may have been interpreting them all wrong.
July 15 2019
Smart irrigation is becoming more critical to keep landscapes healthy in areas with high drought and wildfire risk.
June 24 2019
Keeping the lines of communication open between landscape and irrigation professionals is critical in creating new, well-functioning landscape projects.
June 19 2019
Her 35-year career with Hunter Industries has helped pave the way for other women and young people to enter the landscape industry.
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