June 28 2020
Administrator signs first-ever pollinator proclamation for the agency.
Jan. 27 2020
The campus has reduced irrigation water use by 42.6%, saving the university nearly $90,000.
Jan. 6 2020
Internet influencers mobilized half-a-million small-dollar donors to support the Arbor Day Foundation.
Nov. 18 2019
Award applications are open through March 31, 2020.
Nov. 18 2019
The deadline to participate is Dec. 31, 2019.
Nov. 11 2019
The first step in that process was the release of a specification document for public comment.
Nov. 5 2019
Contractors today can choose from an array of sprinkler types to fit any irrigation need.
Nov. 1 2019
The team also designed a better irrigation system to water seedlings.
Oct. 28 2019
The owner of A.I.R. has embraced the use of earth-friendly materials and equipment and is blazing a trail for the green industry to follow.
Oct. 22 2019
There are many ways you can help your clients reduce the amount of water they use, and their landscapes will be better for it.
July 15 2019
Smart irrigation is becoming more critical to keep landscapes healthy in areas with high drought and wildfire risk.
June 17 2019
From a Texas ranch home to a 50-story Chicago high-rise, drip irrigation sustains unique landscapes of all shapes and sizes.
May 28 2019
Smartphone-friendly irrigation controllers are rapidly changing the way we manage irrigation.
Feb. 20 2019
There’s no doubt the industry is headed toward more sustainable practices. Here’s how one company has taken the green in green industry to a whole new level.